Sunday, January 01, 2006

first action hero

It's either a coincidence, or she has stumbled across my blog somehow: a friend gave Harley a Batman cape for Christmas. He liked the look of his new cape, even though he has never heard of or seen anything Batman-franchise related yet.
"You're Batman," I explained to my kid. "He goes"--I turned to my friend, helpless--"What does Batman do again?" I punched a fist in the air. "KAPOW!!!!...Wait, I think that's Superman."
My friend shrugged. "I don't think it matters much at this point."
My son doesn't yet know about action heroes with superpowers. His heroes are still the working class variety: bus drivers, crane operators, firies, bulldozer drivers. He is obsessed by cars and trucks, and while people love to explain this is because he is a boy, I have my suspicions that it's actually because we don't have a car ourselves, so that they have a special mystique.

update: I’m told posting photos on my main page slows things down so from now on I’m just going to add pictures to this separate page, and just link to that if I update it.

update2: I wanted to congratulate Ken and all the others at Troppo for having won Crikey!’s Blog of the Year award for 2005. Well deserved so good on 'em. (Hope they got a nice statuette of a naked blogger too). But since they have gone and redesigned their site, I am perplexingly unable to view it anymore. I know it’s the fault of my dodo computer, but until I can afford to upgrade (which may or may not occur next century)(hang on, let me go get my wee violin…) this update will have to suffice as congrats to all the Armadillos.