Monday, December 19, 2005

last action hero

Miranda Devine, writing in the Sunday paper yesterday, had roughly this to say: The fact that one Sydney preschool has decided to ban the wearing of Superhero paraphernalia because of injury fears is another shocking sign of the feminisation of education which aims to cut the balls off boys. Feminists have made learning 'girly'. Boys need Superhero outfits to become men, and if they don't get them, they'll grow up to riot in Cronulla.
It's funny though, I would've thought close to 100 per cent of the rioters had not experienced Superhero outfit deprivation at preschool, since it's such a dangerous new development by feminist educators?

update: I just read her article again, and is it just me, or does she completely nullify her own argument when, in trying to argue there is no negative effect, she quotes a psychologist as saying,

"[T]here is no scientific evidence that a superhero costume or logo on a pencil case causes any measurable change in a child's behaviour.

No measurable change means no change, whether good or bad. Ergo, wearing or not wearing the costumes is not going to affect their future manly behavior either way.

unrelated update: And yes, there does seem to be a problem with comments, which must be at Haloscan's end since I haven't touched anything. So, if you can't comment now please try again later.