Sunday, January 01, 2006

it's all about meme

Happy New Year, everyone. Seems I’ve picked up one of those friendly little memes from a blog called Foxhow. Since I’ve resolved in 2006 to take Jozef's advice and take a few more risks (and finally stop giving a damn about whether I’m an insufferable narcissist by publishing a personal blog), I’ll distract myself from my lack of hangover for a minute and have a go...

Ten years ago:
Getting over some guy. Starting uni. Working in legal admin and pissing money up the wall. Going out dancing a lot. Obsessing over some guy.

Five years ago:
Getting over some guy. Working in the legal dept of Andersen during the whole Enron meltdown. Finishing uni. Obsessing over some guy. Getting over him.

One year ago:
Spending time with my inconceivably wonderful son. Swimming in the ocean a lot. Making new friends. Obsessing over and getting over some guy (0K, now I’m just playing for laughs...)

Five yummy things:
Oma’s Berliner Krapfen (traditional German New Year’s deep-fried jam rolls) and Stollen (Christmas cake).
Oma and Opa’s sourdough bread (my preference is for Opa’s, as he includes whole grains and makes square loaves). Particularly good with Leberwurst or honey from Oma and Opa’s bees.

Five songs I know by heart:
Strawberry Fields Forever
Emotional Rescue
Everybody Must Get Stoned
Hey, Ya! (was playing through Pethidine as I gave birth to my son)
She Sells Sanctuary (naturally)

Five things I would do with a lot of money:
Enjoy not being broke for a while.
Buy music, books, computer equipment, art materials and maybe a live model.
Get my roots done.
Donate a bit to good causes, hopefully.
Piss most of it up the wall, probably.

Five things I would never wear:
Gold jewelry.
A lacy black and red nylon crotchless teddy.

Five Favourite TV shows:
Big Brother, Aussie Idol, anything featuring ‘ordinary people’ (haha).
Front-up (Andrew Urban)
The 7:30 Report
Australian Story
The Wiggles

Five things I enjoy doing:
Singing and dancing.
Frolicking in surf.
Walking with my boy.

Five people I want to inflict this on:
1. Tim Dunlop
2. Tim Blair
3. Francis Xavier Holden
4. Helen
5. Rob Schaap. (Come on Rob, when you gonna reemerge from the shed? Vi haf vays....)