Monday, May 15, 2006

they gotta be joking

Funny, isn’t it, how pro-Liberal journalists don't see leadership issues as "woes" when they're talking about the John Howard Party, even though I doubt Costello's a shoo-in (notwithstanding the single poll Tim Dunlop mentions).
In the Weekend Australian, Christopher Pearson was commenting on Liberal Party leadership dilemmas. It seems Treasurer Costello is safe--they're stuck with him; so loyal, such a magnificent Treasurer, so patient, etc. Geez, he's been heir apparent so long, even I want him to get his turn.
And pro-Liberal journos are aware that despite Costello's obvious problems, he's the best of a bad bunch. I mean, look at deputy leader, which Pearson debates. He is keen on Tony Abbott (loyalty, passion, man of conviction, etc.) To this end, he downgrades Downer (AWB, alas) and Brendan Nelson, describing Nelson as "flaky", "trendy", "cheesy" and "smarmy", someone whose "star is waning". (Ah, I love it when the Right attacks their own.)
So, looks like the Libs, according to Pearson, are stuck with Abbott & Costello after all. Funny, Beazley's suddenly looking like a serious contender.

Monday, May 08, 2006

hello, i mustn't be going

This site is in danger of looking abandoned, but the truth is far from that. Got waylaid but I'll be back here soon. If anyone's still reading by that stage (thanks guys).
Meanwhile, I assume I'm the last kid on the writer's block to have found out (courtesy of the Weekend Australian) about What a fantastic idea for frustrated writers. I've only dipped a toe into it so far, but I love it. Coming soon: the book of the blog as standard option for readers to purchase? Why not!
Also while I'm here just wanted to bookmark this whimsical site by a St Kilda artist, Julie Shiels, who I saw interviewed yesterday on Sunday Arts. I share her obsession with text so I feel an instant affinity to her work. Kind of reminds me of Arthur Stace and his chalk Copperplate Eternity.
See you all soon.