Monday, October 11, 2004

we've come a long way, baby

Can't believe my little boy is coming up to eight whole months old. It's gone quickly, huh. I guess that's why another term of this Government doesn't seem quite so terrible when I think about it. Time is fleeting.
Harley spends a fair bit of time with a couple of one-year-old buddies so tends to copy them and this week has started pulling himself up to standing. He especially likes to stand with his hands pressed up against the sliding glass doors in the living room, watching the cats and birds on the deck and trying to lick the blinds. Along with all the new action comes the inevitable falls and bumps, which means I'm back to having to watch him closely all the time again. I don't see this job easing up anytime soon...
Anyway, I can't help but be happy regardless of the election result. And I guess that's why--because I'm in love.