Sunday, October 10, 2004

idol chatter

This week the Idols had to pick a Beatles tune. I only got to see three kids perform as I was a bit busy. I've haven't been watching Idol that long this season. I tuned in when cute young surfer chick Ricki-Lee did Tina Turner (Proud Mary) a few weeks ago and thought she was pretty good, but since then it has become apparent that if given any say in it, she will choose to wail and scream in twenty-three octaves like Mariah Carey. She absolutely crucified We Can Work It Out.
Spunky young Anthony managed to kill off When I Saw Her Standing There with a caberet-cum-disco-cum-Backstreet Boys treatment.
I hope Chanel wins, but she's probably a touch too eccentric for this evidently deeply conservative public. I adore Chanel. She has a stunning voice, and her personality is so original and quirky. Last week she did kd laing's Constant Craving better than kd. This week she did the Beatles' Across the Universe, possibly better than the Beatles.
That's what I like about Idol over the other reality shows. It actually is about talent.