Sunday, October 10, 2004

anti anti climax

Oh well...what's another few years in the wilderness?

update: I don't really feel like reading any of the post-election mop-up in the papers or blogs yet. I haven't been watching the telly news either because I know it'll all just be John Howard beaming jubilantly and no doubt boasting about his enormous humility, etcetera etcetera etcetera.
As far as the people's choice goes, I don't really understand how Learner Latham is supposed to get a whole lot of experience governing from Opposition. Oh well. I can understand the "ain't broke-don't fix it" sentiment...just human nature. It figures.
Anyway, I thought I'd try and avoid mentioning Howard on my blog from now on. God knows I've devoted enough space to the man. As usual if you want election analysis there's far better places to look for it in the Ozblogosphere. And there's loads of other stuff to write about. Of course I often promise to stop blogging about something only to find myself crapping on about it again in the next breath.
However, I'm quite distracted at the moment. I keep thinking about this idea for a story I had the other day. It works its way around my subconscious like the red-bellied black snake my cat dragged up onto the deck last night. (He ate it, too. I thought red-bellies were poisonous to everything except rabbits, but I guess not. My mother had warned me he would catch snakes and I always said as if. It's funny because just the other day my sister and I were conceding that our mother was right about alot of things after all. My father, on the other hand, I still think is wrong about just about everything. Dad, that's a joke. And stop reading my blog!)
So anyway, I thought while I try and write this fiction idea up that I might sort of occasionally blog about the process. To me the process is almost like a parallel story in itself.
Readers are also welcome to tell me (anon. is ok) if there's certain kinds of posts they like to read around here and if others bore them rigid. Be good to get some feedback.