Sunday, October 14, 2007

broad's lover's experience

I'm often fairly critical of Murdoch media outlets, and here's another typical example why. Look at this piece of dirty reporting in today's Daily Telegraph. The link pointing to the article by Chris Tinkler reads, Boyfriend scandal - Gillard's lover's dark past, and if you click through, you will surely be shocked and horrified to learn that not only did Gillard's partner once drunkenly crash his car into a fence, he also fathered an illegitimate child a long time before he met Gillard.
What a scandal! What a dark past! These terrible crimes clearly reflect deeply on Julia Gillard. She's clearly responsible for these events or at least guilty of turning a blind eye to them. Or something.
Most tiresome is the arms-length way this muckraking is reported: "An investigation into the past of the man who is the boyfriend of the woman who could be Australia's first female deputy prime minister has also uncovered claims...", etc. "An investigation" by who--the Libs, who've tipped off the paper? Or by the paper itself? It's not clear. But either way it's pathetic to try to smear politicians by raking through the pasts of their families and the paper should be ashamed of this kind of useless reporting.