Sunday, October 07, 2007

broad's experience

This was strange and smacked of desperation--Tony Abbott accusing Julia Gillard of being a political animal. Gee, how totally inappropriate for a politician, eh? Last election, Labor was too inexperienced in politics. Now it seem's they have too much experience. It's not Learner Latham, it's Learned Gillard:

It was Gillard's obsession with politics that counted against her. Mr Abbott said voters were seeking a bit more humanity from their political leaders.
"She's someone who has lived, breathed, ate and drunk politics for the whole of her adult life," he said. "The average person would look askance at such a political animal...The thing about Gillard is that she is very bright, just uber-professional and a formidable debater. It would be a lot easier for her to realise her ambition if there was evidence of a broader lifetime experience. It's very hard to be a leader in a democratic society if your life has been consumed by the job as hers seems to be."

Unless you're John Howard, Political Animal, I suppose. Way things are going though, looks like Howard's going to be getting a little 'broader lifetime experience' himself very soon. Along the lines of fishing and golfing and public speaking gigs. But who knows? According to Abbott, this should help him with any future comeback plans. What, you think he's really going to go away? Come on, the man lives, breathes, eats and drinks politics!