Tuesday, February 06, 2007

say what?

Just some things the boy has said over the months that have made me laugh.
Holding a crayon to his lips:
"I just make lipstick on my mouth."
(He must get this from the girls at school, cos mum doesn't wear lippy!)
Scrunching up the doona around his waist:
"Look, mum! I'm a fairy princess!"
While out walking:
"Oh, pretty pink flower! Oh, pretty white flower! Oh, pretty dog poo!"
Picking up his drumsticks, says hopefully:
"Maybe we can wake the neighbours again?"
After biting me on the leg once:
"Ow, you bit my leg! What'd you do that for?"
Looks guilty. Brightens up and points to my other leg.
"But I didn’t bite that one."
"I’m the adult and you are the child."
"I’m not a child! I’m Harley!"
Countless times a day:
"But I’m a big boy, Mum."
Is treated to some junkish chicken snacks that are shaped like little drumsticks. Next morning:
"What do you want for breakfast?"
(Took a while to figure out what he meant with that one.)
"Let’s read one of Mummy’s books!"
"OK. Which one do you want me to read?"
Of all books, picks out my copy of My Secret Garden.
"Uh….maybe not that one…"
"Argh! It’s a bit late for making that noise out loud. Just make it in your head."
Sombre: "You need to do thinking in your head too, Mum."
"How old are you, Harley?"
Confidently: "Six years old." (He turns three in a couple of weeks.)
"You know, Opa made that table. With his bare hands."
Regards the pale wood.
"He could’ve made it pink."
"So, are you looking forward to seeing your dad tomorrow?"
"Of course, Mum."
And while waiting for his dad to pick him up:
"I love you soooo much, Mum."
One morning, after buying him something on ebay and explaining that it would come through the post, he hops back into his bed.
"What are you doing?"
"Waiting for the postman."
"It’s bedtime."
"No...thanks anyway."
"It’s bedtime."
"But you’re my best friend..."