Thursday, February 08, 2007

the power v. the passion

The Passion won it hands down. Turnbull was good, but Garrett was better. Here is a man who can simultaneously warn and reassure. All Turnbull could offer was denial of his party's denial on climate change, and talk about money and doomsayers. Garrett could talk money, too, but more importantly he inspired, and Turnbull didn't. Garrett also has far more credibility on the environment than Turnbull can dream of. (Transcript here tomorrow.)
Just apropos China, and on being its quarry: if the world's giant economies want our product so much, don't we have any leverage to get them to engage in climate-friendly practices as they pursue economic growth over the next decades? If the argument is that the business will be taken elsewhere, can we form international unions ("Coalitions of the Willing", haha) to turn it into a seller's market? (Sorry if this seems terribly naive, I'm no economist.)