Monday, January 29, 2007

slow pokes

Is that the best Julie Bishop can do in response to Kevin Rudd's release of the first tranche of Labor's "education revolution" plans?

Federal Education Minister Julie Bishop said Labor was playing "catch-up". "The Australian Government has already focused on early childhood as a priority," Ms Bishop said. "We have put the issue of early childhood on the Council of Australian Government's agenda, so Labor is playing catch-up on the early childhood issue."

How nice that after ten years the Australian Government has now put the issue of early childhood on an agenda, coincidentally as there's an election approaching.
Who's really "playing catch-up" around here? Apparently Ms Bishop has forgotten how Kevin Rudd started talking about water last week and, a couple of days later, John Howard started talking about water. Or how about how the Liberals are playing catch-up with David Hicks. Let's face it, after ten years standing around admiring the view, it's the Liberals who have got a lot of catching-up to do.