Saturday, January 27, 2007

man of irony

Imagine you have a friend who tells you they're about to embark on some impulsive and risky course of action with potentially catastrophic consequences. Do you: (a) try to talk your mate out of it, or (b) encourage them to go ahead and agree to be involved too?
John Howard chose (b). So it's ironic that he continues to justify participating in the Iraq war on the basis of the American alliance, when he would've done the alliance (and the ally) more favours if he had dared to talk back to his powerful chum and try to steer him away from a foolish course of action.

"Howard has used the week to emphasise that Australia's commitment [in Iraq] is vital to the US alliance...
(Source: SMH, 26 January, 2007: "Howard's Watershed")

We were not a good friend to America. America's real friend would have taken Bush aside and said "Listen, George, this is a really harebrained idea. And mate, I'm afraid I just can't get Australia involved in it." I think it's called "tough love".