Tuesday, August 15, 2006

getting on a Wiggle getting a Wiggle on

My son thinks it's very funny to call me the 'Wiggle Mama' and he likes to be referred to as 'my little Green Wiggle'. When I put him to bed he requests Wiggles songs then cuts me off after a few lines of each song with an impatient "Nex wun" as if I’m another digital jukebox.
I sometimes wonder if he is unhealthily obsessed with the Wiggles. We own at least six Wiggles DVDs, numerous Wiggle books, several items of Wiggles apparel, two Wiggles guitars. We purchase Wiggles Band-Aids, Wiggles yoghurt, Wiggles biscuits, Wiggles shampoo and we have a Wiggles bathmat that my son loved so much he used to drag it around the whole house with him. Sadly, we have no Wiggles shares.
What are we all going to do when they retire to enjoy their squillions, which must surely be soon? Maybe we'll be stuck with the animated Wiggles and a bunch of stuffed animals. Has it ever struck anyone how few female characters there are on the show though? Sure, there’s some Wiggly dancing girls and Captain Feathersword has a couple of female pirates in his crew, and of course there’s Dorothy. But she’s a dinosaur. Where are the Wiggle Mamas? Now there's a possible spin-off...