Tuesday, August 15, 2006

another quickie

A couple of weeks ago journalist Julia Baird discussed (no link) basically what I call fertility chic and then announced she was nine months pregnant and taking maternity leave. (And unless Fairfax did a lot of retouching to the photo accompanying her column, gee, she has already lost all her baby weight.) Anyway, she wrote,
"Then there is the negativity of some other parents, whom I like to call the "Just-You-Waits". They pounce on the pregnant, knowingly, and declare, "Oh, you had a sleep-in! Ha. Just you wait, you won't sleep again!"
Well, I only have one thing to say to Julia: Just you wait. I mean, it took me more than two weeks even to get around to posting this response to her column, due to the demands of full-time parenting. Recent posts have been of the dash-off-a-quickie-to-keep-the-blog-alive variety, but I've got a dozen 'serious' posts waiting in the wings, on the off-chance I might get time this week (month, year) to finish and post them. Mind you, I did find it easier to find time for writing during those first few infant years, and then again she does have a husband. So, best of luck to Julia, but oh yeah, just you wait....

And also belated but hearty congratulations to my favorite beastie girl Zoe who, as most already know, is with-lovebeast again.