Friday, June 30, 2006

words spoken last night

Evening, on the couch. Me, tired red eyes, messy hair with about three inches of regrowth. Him, stroking my cheeks.
"Mum's beautiful eyes...mum's beautiful face....mum's beautiful hair..."
Dinnertime, at the kitchen table. Me, flourishing a dish that has taken several hours to prepare. Him, turning up his nose without even a trying a single mouthful. Expressed with the polite regret of a five star maitre'd,
"Harley can't eat that one."
Late evening, on the couch. Me, reading a book called I Love Cats.
"I love cats. Stripey cats. Spotty cats--"
"I love dogs."
Me, crafty.
"Oh, that's nice. And do you love your mum, too?"
"Love dogs."
Late evening, in bed. Him, sleepily looking at photos.
"...and we'll see your dad again soon, too."
Me, teasing. "Who loves his daddy?"
Big grins. "Harley loves Daddy."
Then, casually: "Harley loves Mum."
Ahhh! Ain't coaching grand?