Saturday, September 17, 2005


I am just starting to read Judith Brett's Quarterly Essay entitled "Relaxed & Comfortable: The Liberal Party's Australia", which I got in the mail yesterday. (I seem to still be getting freebie copies, so thanks to mysterious benefactor or generous subscription dept at Black Inc.)
I'm starting out reading it from a position where, while feeling like a strong critic of the PM, I do not identify as a "Howard-hater". Sure, he regularly annoys the hell out of me, and frustrates me.
Just lately he has annoyed me again, by seizing another opportunity for spouting out more retrospective rationalisations for his war in Iraq.

"The nation state remains the focus of legitimate action for order and justice in our world."--John Howard

This bit in the same news story this morning annoys me too:
[Howard] labelled as a failure the UN's inability to agree on action against Iraq before the 2003 invasion by the US and a coalition of countries including Britain and Australia.

So if a group fails to agree, rather than negotiate further, a minority of strong members should seize control and impose a decision? Is that how he wants it to work?
Anyway, wonder how I'll feel towards Howard after reading the Brett essay. (That's if I get to finish it...The last few months have been insanely busy on the home front but I seem to be getting on top of things again now. It sure helps that my son has been to daycare three times now and appears to love going. It's unbelievable how much it helps.)