Sunday, September 18, 2005


Ah, I guess there are one or two things to miss about Sydney. From the Sunday Telegraph today:

Combine alcohol and nudity and--no, you're not in a strip club--you're in a real life drawing class at hip drinking holes around town.
Art-lovers are setting up their easels in the ArtHouse Hotel (275 Pitt St) on Monday nights when between 50 and 100 people gather for free life-drawing classes. For details, phone 9284 1200.
At uber-hip nightclub Ruby Rabbit, 231 Oxford St, Darlinghurst (ph: 9326 0044), a Sunday evening drawing class costs $15 but includes a wine tasting and two-for-one cocktail list.

Yeah, that's pretty much my idea of a good night out. Mind you, I'm quite happy with getting mates to strip off in my living room and let me draw them! Three guys I know have volunteered to pose for me over the summer and I plan to take them up on the offers. (None seem to want to pose in winter; why is that?) Anyway, good to earmark the above information for a future Sydney trip.