Thursday, September 22, 2005

my sister the paparazza

My sister insists she was partying in a nightclub in Bali recently with Roman Polanski and his wife Emmanuelle Beart and that she has the photos to prove it. Alright, she confesses, she wasn't so much partying with them as beside them, but I say I don't care, I bags the exclusive rights to blog any ensuing grainy shots of Roman and Manny. At the time, I have writer's block, and figure this is a way to get a lazy post in.
My sister sends me an enormous bitmap that only loads the bottom couple of inches of photo before crashing my computer. The bit I see makes me suspicious.
"It looks like your nostrils, and the back of a man's head," I say to my sister. "I can't print that," I say miserably. She insists there are other shots that show his face. I see our Scoop! fade before my very eyes. And anyway, I tell her, they're bitmaps not jpegs (even though I don't even know the difference) and furthermore they crash my computer. She promises to bring the disk up on the Long Weekend. Meantime I'm open to any offers from the glossy magazines.

update: A story in The Australian magazine this weekend on Polanski reminds me he's actually married to Emmanuelle Seigner. I was thinking of the girl from Betty Blue.