Monday, September 05, 2005

more blogging

Forgive the lack of writing anything much of interest lately. The little man saps my energy like you wouldn't believe these days. I save up thoughts for the evening but when it finally comes, I lie down and I don't get up again. But as I keep insisting--am I trying to convince myself, do you think?--I should have some more time to play with soon. Like when my son goes to daycare regularly. I put him in the other week for the first time. It killed me because I'm a control freak. You think, how can anyone else possibly meet his needs the way you can? But it went OK (details to be recycled in a fictionesque post, I think...). As it turns out we lost our Friday place due to some more unfortunate soul requiring it, but have been given Wednesdays. Harley has swimming classes on Wednesdays at the moment (he's a Periwinkle), so we'll have to wait three more weeks til we can try again.
Also, thanks to the great bloggers who've linked to me lately; I promise to update the blogroll very soon, especially now that Margo Kingston's gone independent (and lo and behold...Our Jozef has a column there too!). Margo's former Webdiary was my entry point to the whole world of blogging and I always thought of Webdiary as the prototypical blog really. Here's hoping she manages to fund it and feed herself somehow.