Thursday, May 12, 2005

that's gotta hurt

I like Helen Garner but God, she can be catty. In the new magazine The Monthly--like every other blogger who read Surfdom and/or Troppo's posts about it, I signed up for a free first issue via the magazine's website--Garner reviews the Nicole Kidman flick Birth:

"But two things are wrong. One is Kidman herself. When such a blatantly manufactured force as the Nicole Phenomenon keeps coming at you every time you open your front door, it is a point of honour to put up resistance. I long for her to wriggle out through the bars of her stardom, to persuade me she's not made of cardboard. But I can't get past that thin, nasal little voice with its high-school intonations; those melodramatic brows; the awful girly thing that happens when she laughs."