Thursday, May 12, 2005


It's pouring and I'm waiting to hear back from a friend to see if we can get a lift into town as there's no food in the house. It's a newish friend of ours, Ray, a Polish former racing-car driver who now breeds miniature horses; they're only as big as dogs. Soon we're going to take Harley to Ray's farm to pet them and have a ride. Should be pretty cool.
We like getting lifts with Ray because he drives a metallic teal-colored vintage Chevy ute called Grumpy. It's funny how people ogle the car, but I just like it because it's so huge that I feel really safe in it. We strap Harley in the middle in his carseat and put Ray's cowboy hat on him and he looks way, way cool.
Come on Grumpy...I'm hungry!
Wish I could just pick up the phone and get home delivery...ah, nostalgia for the city life...