Monday, May 09, 2005

the house of love

Was that Paris Hilton hosting Big Brother or Gretel Killeen? Really, why do some women think hair that looks like ironed yellow nylon is a good look? If you're going to be a bottle-blonde, at least pick a good color, for god's sake.
Well, correct me if I'm wrong but this year all 15 housemates are "alpha males" and "queen bees". They're all dominant, confident, assertive and classically attractive. Most tellingly, all are single this year (except one guy, who was apparently single when he was selected but has since found lerve). They've all flagged their interest in finding love and/or shagging someone in the house. Sounds like it's gonna be some lovefest. (Children, do not try this at home.)
I'm happy to report that "Gianna" did me proud. She's only a short-ass who comes across as sweet and demure, but underneath the bimbo exterior it turns out she's a black-belt in karate, races horses and motorbikes and runs her own business or something. And cheeky. For example, she's reclining on a bed and some bloke comes in.
Bloke: "Hey, you're on my bed!"
Gianna (gives naughty look): "Would you like me to get off?"
Ah, nothing like a bit of innuendo....that's my girl.