Sunday, May 08, 2005

all i gotta do is act naturally

Well folks, I'm set to make my small screen debut tonight...appearing on Big Brother 2005. Yes, truly! Oh, okay then, it's my altar ego, another Gianna. But that's OK. We really do have a lot in common actually (from the TV Guide):

"Gianna believes women find her intimidating because of all she's done and how she looks. She identifies with Lara Croft: 'long hair, big breasts, a man-eater and can kick arse'."

OK, so I've got long hair, anyway. And once was a man-eater, though since having the baby, am born again.
Anyway, it's a bit cruel that Ten has BB05 up against an eviction night on Seven's My Restaurant Rules. Still, we all know Brisbane's getting the boot, so I'm going to enjoy the kickoff of BB season instead (sorry Seven). I couldn't get BB last year as we lived in a valley but this year, it's on for young and old.
So this mystery housemate "unlike any other you've seen before"...don't suppose it'll be a baby, just for laughs?
Anyway--hope everyone roots for me and wins me the million bucks.