Saturday, April 02, 2005

taking the Horn by the bull

I was just checking my blog for someone's birthdate--one of the lesser known functions of blogging--when I came across an entry from roughly this time last year linking to a news story titled Marital advice from the Bush Administration:

"The US Assistant Secretary for Children and Families has warned that the Australian Government policy of allowing low-income single parents to remain out of the workforce could simply entrench their dependency on welfare.
Wade Horn met Howard Government ministers this week to discuss what governments can do to promote marriage."

OK, so hands up who thinks Peter Costello has been listenening hard to the Horn? And if there was ever any doubt Costello's motivation...well, "skills shortage", my ass. It certainly seems as if our Hillsong-loving Treasurer is hell bent on "promoting marriage", doesn't it?
Makes me wonder if this survey shouldn't have also asked about whether Australians fear American domestic policy.
Worth noting though that Horn's Australian counterpart, the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Larry Anthony, said Horn was using a "blunt instrument" that wouldn't work Down Under. Too bloody right. Imagine: under America's system, I would be forced back to work now, because Harley has turned one whole year old. Those poor American mothers.
Great cartoon from Bill Leak today. I too was wondering whether Our Pete pitched in much at home. He certainly doesn't seem to have a clue about what's involved in raising children and running a household.