Sunday, April 10, 2005

same old, same old

Introducing your new, compact Spectrum
Oh look, they've gone back to the old format.
If you're reading this edition of Spectrum in a cafe, on the sofa or at the breakfast table, you'll see that your favourite weekend life, books and arts liftout now comes to you in a new, compact format.
Er, you've just gone back to the tabloid-style we had for years before you went and made it broadsheet a few months ago.
It's a case of new size, same content.
No, it's a case of old size, same content.
It's the first time we've combined life, books and arts content in this easy-to-handle format.
No, it's not. You're going back to exactly what you had before.
We've been strongly guided by reader feedback asking us to match Spectrum's quality reading with a more convenient, portable size.
People hated it broadsheet-style, so you're going back to what you had before.
We're confident, with these improvements, you'll find Spectrum even more essential to your weekend.
Okay, okay, we get it. Now, don't let it happen again, eh?