Saturday, April 09, 2005

let them eat wedding cake

Charles and Camilla have to beg forgiveness for their 'wickedness' from a Di-hard public? I mean, it's so goddamn wings-off-flies cruel. And some guy is going to get up during the ceremony and object to their marriage, too. I hope someone films it for World's Wackiest Weddings.
Lord knows I'm a republican but can't these people just get married in relative peace? Why the need for ritual public humiliation?
Come on. They didn't kill Diana, she died in a car crash (or maybe fame killed her). And let's not forget the fairytale princess had affairs herself.
Charles must really want to be married, to have willingly put them through all this.
Why isn't the Queen going again? Is she sulking? Strange woman, our Queen. First, forcing him to marry Diana, now not going to his wedding to his true-love.

So that's that then. They're happily married after all this time. Good luck to them and now maybe we can all move on.