Thursday, February 03, 2005

self-raising funds

Cooking really isn't my thing. I only ever seem to cook about five things, most of them involving tinned tomatoes. Yeah, I know. I'm not gonna make anyone much of a wife one day....But that's OK, because I plan on hooking up with a bloke who can cook (or alternatively, who is happy to eat Thai takeaway every night*). Unfortunately, Anthony of spiceblog fame is not available. I suppose it's a bit odd since I'm not much of a cook--but I'm an enthusiastic reader of recipes and foodie blogs. Cooking vicariously, it must be.
Well, Anthony's taking part in a new tsunami relief fund-raising drive and his Lamington is the Second Dessert on the "Menu for Hope". Yummo! Baking, as opposed to cooking, I actually quite enjoy. I have a shocking sweet tooth (which the baby has apparently inherited) and now I'm absolutely lusting after lamingtons.
Anyway, nice idea guys and I hope it goes well.

(*Not that there's any Thai restaurants within 50kms of our place. Someone's really gotta do something about that. A good Thai restaurant and an open-air cinema, and this neck of the woods would be just about perfect....)