Saturday, February 05, 2005


2011 AD. Early evening. A kitchen/living room.

Mummy, what were these gingerbread men doing?

What gingerbread men honey

On February two, two-thousand-oh-five. On your blog.

Geez, Harley, what are you doing reading that silly old thing again? Shouldn't you be doing your homework? Lemme see. [aside] Oh, bugger...didn't I take that post down again? There I was going on about how I wanted him to read this blog later and next thing I do, I post a picture of a pornographic biscuit.

So what were they doing? Because it kind of looks like [cranes neck] she's eating an icypole out of his lap?

Hmm...I see what you mean. It sort of does look a bit like that. But what actually happened is that she accidentally got her necklace caught in his zipper when she was reaching down to get something out of her bag.

Oh, right. Did they get untangled again?

I hope so...