Tuesday, November 23, 2004

yesterday's papers

As you may have noticed, I'm still not finding much inspiration in the news. But as I'm packing and culling stuff I keep finding things that make me smile, at least a little. One clipping, from the Manly Daily in 1998 (no link), describes a bank robbery and dwells on the description of what the male and female offenders looked like. The headline was, "Not 'Bonnie and Clyde'. The reporter notes that the man is riddled with acne scars and the woman is "160cm tall with blonde-streaked brown hair in a bob cut." What's more, "she appeared frumpy." I don't even know why I kept the clipping. Perhaps I was imagining some young cadet at her typewriter at the Daily, wishing she was writing up the fashion shows and not the court reports.
Reminds me of when we first came to Oz and my dad was a reporter at the Mosman Daily, one of the same group of papers. When I was three, they put a photo of me naked on Balmoral Beach on the front page. I'm not kidding. I'm holding an umbrella, but it's not hiding anything. I mean, this was about 1975. But still, who's idea was that?
Speaking of beaches, have just been around to look at a place to rent, right across the road from one of the beautiful local beaches. It's smaller than this house but it's cheaper. Think I'll take it. This means I could move as early as next week. Joy.
Oh damn...talking about myself again...was going to try and cut down on that. That's what the anon. blog is for, after all. It's cool having an anon. blog. Feels a bit like throwing a party when your parents are away. Have updated it, for those who are reading me there. Link available by emailng me--I haven't sent the new link out en masse or anything because I don't want to be presumptuous. Horses, water, etc.