Friday, November 26, 2004

apprentice latham

Anyone else a fan of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice? Yes, I am talking about a reality TV show, sorry. [Insert argument here about watching reality TV being no more or less valid than watching any other sport--Ed.] I find myself in complete agreement with Mr Trump on every sacking. I’m especially glad Raj went. There was something creepy about him, even while he played the role of charming raconteur. He seems like the kind of person you know would be a belligerent and aggressive drunk, not a happy one. And for all his bragging about being such a ladies’ man, he was really quite a sexist pig, once you saw how he actually interacted with the women on the show. The show’s tagline may be ‘it’s nothing personal, it’s just business”, but that’s a laugh--the whole thing is personal. The apprentices, being in fierce competition and apparently unable to control their egos, are unable to cooperate even to achieve a common goal, and most of the disputes seem to be personality-related rather than about business. One of these people is going to be a CEO for Trump? Good luck to him. They may have been to Harvard but they act like kindergartners. Ah, love it.
Speaking of apprentices, if Mark Latham had been on The Apprentice, he would definitely be fired now. After all, he was Project Manager and he completely botched the ‘mission critical’ element of marketing (I'd say particularly on the issue of Labor’s economic ability). Not only that, but the public didn’t warm to him personally--and they had a chance—and that would appear to be fatal. Look at Crean. The same taint of unpopularity is going to be Latham’s downfall, too. Mr Latham...You’re fired.
Having said that, I’m not really a fan of this so-called white-anting as it just seems too easy for Labor to simply blame the leader when the policies were evidently also unpopular with the public. And the team was responsible for the ideas in those policies, and for selling them too. But if Latham really is a deadpollywalking, I’d really like to see Gillard/Rudd up. But it’s probably just wishful thinking!