Friday, October 22, 2004

more idol chatter

I keep forgetting to watch Australian Idol, which is annoying, but there's the Thursday night wrap-up anyway which I saw some of last night.
I remain convinced Chanel should win. I saw her do a Joni Mitchell song (something off Blue--I don't know her music) in passing on Wednesday and that was lovely. But I've noticed that she keeps getting criticised in the various media for being a 'poseur', or up-herself. I think this is because she clearly identifies as an artist and often in our society, 'artist=elite=bad'. Then again, they all kind of identify as artists. Maybe she's a bit too confident, and it's tall poppy syndrome. Who knows.
I reckon it's down to Hayley, Courtney and Antony in the final three, then Hayley and Antony, with Hayley to win it. I reckon Casey will be out next because of her extreme youth. Hayley's not bad; great voice, beautiful face, a natural performer. But she doesn't write songs, whereas the others do. Be interesting to see.