Friday, October 22, 2004

dirty work

I'm still grappling with the idea that we live in such a self-satirising culture that a known liar can go to the people and say 'trust me', and win. "Trust me, I'm a politician". Truly! Why didn't that get laughed outta town? Are we Howard-era Aussies losing our sense of humor, our larrikinism, our renowned bullshit detectors?
So I can't help myself blogging about the PM, but then Howard-spotting was always a favorite sport and I mean, why shouldn't it merrily continue? The intention of avoiding talking about him was just to not dignify him with a response, pretty silly, and I was just amusing myself really (you can do that when you have a blog).
We're stuck with Howard so we might as well continue to hold him accountable. Try to, anyway. If Latham had got in the onus would've been on lefty bloggers like me to be just as critical of him, or at least manage to be a reasonable objective observer and that wouldn't have been half as much fun, would it?
And at least this way, Latham/Labor won't have to clean up any of Howard's messes. Howard or some other dodo will have to wear whatever happens in the next term of office. And while I would never wish doom and gloom on Australia as that would obviously be idiotic, I do hope that Howard is forced to spend the time and effort mopping up things like Iraq, so that he doesn't just get to saunter out looking the big hero while someone else does the dirty work. It's funny, because whenever I heard the Pro-Bush Americans on the telly chanting "four more years" it used to sound like they were asking for a prison term to be extended for some criminal. Yeah, give them both another term--punishment for fucking up the world.