Thursday, July 29, 2004

motherboard overboard

I have a few days off to have a social life and as punishment, my computer chucks a wet one and refuses to cooperate properly. So blogging and reading blogs will be a bit random til I get it fixed. Meanwhile, please talk amongst yourselves. Here's something I've been thinking about lately. How do people think e-commerce is going out in the real world? I'm a dedicated online shopper myself. Here's some of the sites I've used that have been good (OK, I admit at some I've only pressed my nose against the glass): peters of victoria's and (natch)
Any readers want to recommend any others?
Thinking about this also makes me wonder why internet service to RARA (Rural and Regional Australia) is so crap. After all, we're the ones who most benefit from e-commerce, since we can't so easily get to brick'n'mortar shops. I'm particularly cut that that we only get dial-up internet out here. (Apparently the service providers are waiting til they get enough enquiries about it so it's worth registering your disapproval with them.)
If e-commerce really wanted to thrive then it should focus a lot more on supply chain management to remote(r) areas. So far I've mainly had delivery from Aussie Post and it's been fine, but there's room for other delivery channels, like how lets you pick stuff up from service stations (in the true sense of the word).
Anyway, more once we get fired up again.