Saturday, July 31, 2004

copping it sweet

Robert Hill being grilled for draft dodging...John Howard and Alexander Downer being pelted with marshmallows. What can you do but laugh and hope for more of the same?
Except it's not really funny.

BRIAN DEEGAN: My brother was called up for Vietnam when a lot of innocent young Australians went to Vietnam because the Liberal Party decided they should go to Vietnam and fight an unjustified war … where were the sons of the Liberals? Robert Hill said this morning that he didn’t go to Vietnam – he got a deferral from Vietnam. Well, you know, on what basis? And why did he never put his hand up? Why was it that Alexander Downer, who has caused so much grief around this … in international affairs and for this nation … I mean, did he ever go to war? I mean, if people went to war for themselves and had firsthand knowledge of the horrors of war, I think they might be just a little bit more reluctant to cause a war.