Friday, January 12, 2007

art ache

There was quite a haunting interview on The 7:30 Report last week with Howard Arkley’s mother Gwen, and with Arkley's widow Alison Burton and her brother-in-law, John Gregory. There is a tense moment in the interview with Burton and Gregory when the reporter gently probes about the contestability of Arkley’s will (it had been signed and witnessed only by Burton, her sister and her brother-in-law):
GREG HOY: Can you, perhaps if you could just explain the situation, though, because you must have been there, were you, when the will was made?
The brother-in-law and Burton appear uncomfortable. There is a strained pause, then Gregory says, kind of nervously,
JOHN GREGORY: Well, look, actually, I really do have to go. Sorry, I'm not able to keep..."
When the going gets tough, the tough shut down interviews. We’re just left with a sense of deep sorrow for Arkley’s mum.