Monday, August 28, 2006

i rant

Via Jozef I hear that the Iranian President now has his own blog. (I followed the link to check it out fully expecting to see a lovely Blogger site in English. D''s in Persian.) According to the news story Jozef links to:

On his first posting, called ‘Autobiography’, the Iranian President describes his background as the son of a poor blacksmith. He says that he was a ‘distinguished student’, coming 132nd out of 400,000 students in an exam, despite suffering a nosebleed. And he says he kept up his studies in civil engineering despite the revolution.

I like this bit:
At the end of his first posting, he promises to make his entries shorter and simpler in the future.

Didn't take him long to get blogger angst, did it? Pretty soon, I expect he'll be announcing a blogging hiatus while he goes off and nukes Israel.