Thursday, August 03, 2006

census working overtime

Question twenty-one: Does the person ever need someone to help with, or be with them for, body movement activities?
Oh, god yeah. Show me the box for "Like, totally" and I'll tick it.
Ahem. For example, getting out of bed, moving around the home or at places away from home.
Oh. Well, yeah, my two-year-old does jump on me in the mornings, around four-thirty some godforsaken days, thus helping me to get out of bed when I otherwise wouldn't. Does that count?
Question twenty-two. Does the person ever need someone to help with, or be with them for, communication?
...Um, is there a box for "Obviously"?
Joking aside, is anyone seriously going to put their real name on the census forms? I'm putting Jo Bloggs on mine. What statistical purpose does identifying information serve? None at all. I understand it's optional to participate in the 'time capsule' aspect of it, and assist your great-grandchildren with geneaological research and so on, but the operative word is that it's optional.
Do you really trust governments to keep your details private and prevent data matching? There's always gonna end up being some hacker some day who manages to sell your information to a telemarketing company so you can be niche-marketed to within an inch of your life, or maybe it'll all end up on a secret Australia Card database, being compiled "for our own good" of course.