Tuesday, April 18, 2006

this is not my beautiful seachange

Culture shock and exhaustion from the move to town, a month with just a few hours break from parenting, and the fact that my new-old computer was killed by a power surge a day after we got our new phone line connected...all have meant blogging has been a distant dream lately. Unfortunately I lost loads of material, some nearly ready to post, when the computer karked it, not to mention digital photos and even a new site template with an updated blogroll (apologies to those who've changed their blog address in recent months and have yet to be updated here). So, a real bummer. At least this old-old computer still seems to work (touch wood...).
Still, things are settling down a bit and Harley starts daycare this Friday so I hope to get back into some kind of normal routine again soon.

P.S. How's Teflon John! The guy's unbelievable.