Monday, February 27, 2006

this is our life

Apparently I'm a Fourierian. Alain de Botton explains in the weekend Sydney Morning Herald (no link available) that Charles Fourier was a "fascinating and slightly crazy French political thinker of the 19th century":

In Fourier's ideal world, one might kick off with gardening in the morning, try some politics, shift on to art at about lunchtime, spend the afternoon teaching and wind things up with a go at chemistry at dusk.

Yeah, that's us. Only, over the next month there's going to be a lot of "kicking off with househunting in the morning" and a lot of "packing boxes at dusk". We have to move in three weeks and don't yet have a new address, which is scary. This place is getting bulldozed to make way for another row of holiday apartments. We've had quite a while to find a new place, but unfortunately houses rarely come up for permanent rental around these beaches and when they do, they are usually out of our price range. Fourierians find it a bit hard to scrape together $650 a week for rent.
Anyway, posting will probably continue sporadically for a bit longer. I really miss it...