Sunday, February 05, 2006

late for a very important date

Gee, at this rate I may need to rename this site The Quarterly Blog...hopefully it won't come to that. I shouldn't have given myself a deadline though. I think now that my son is entering the fabled Terrible Twos phase, deadlines can be pretty much chucked out the window for the moment. I fell into the trap of thinking, "Sure, maybe some people talk about the Terrible Twos, but my own child is angelic and therefore it's impossible he'd ever drive me to distraction like that." And yet, he made a grown mum cry the other day when for the first time ever he rejected my offer of a cuddle and then appeared to sit back to judge the effect on me (being: bewilderment, despair, guilt and feelings of complete failure as a parent. I had PMT at the time which didn't help).
Sigh. There will be more blogging...eventually.