Tuesday, November 22, 2005

honey, we shrunk the babe

Oops, was it something I said? This week, Julia Baird is only half the woman she used to be. At this rate, within a few weeks she'll be a leprechaun. I was only teasing, Fairfax, bring back the full-page Baird spread. She's hot!
While looking for a link to one of Baird’s stories I found this item in the rival Australian:

FOLLOWING our piece on the ever-changing wardrobe of Good Weekend writer Julia Baird, who may be the first hack to have a large full-length pic byline, comes news The Australian's new glossy, Wish, is getting in on the act. In the second issue, out tomorrow, columnists Anna Fenech and Nick Baylis are also featured in a full-length picture bylines, but in both cases they are wearing exactly the same clothes as last month. We understand Baird and her editor, Judith Whelan, will put a stop to the fashion show as soon as they can, without making it look like a reaction to the criticism.

Ah, so that’s why Baird’s shrinking. It’s funny though; sex really must still sell. I didn’t know the newspapers so desperately needed sexing-up but clearly they do. I guess there’s no real reason why a print journalist can't trade on her looks when TV reporters always have. Still, it makes me feel a bit sorry for Fairfax's less-gorgeous but equally talented scribes who aren’t getting the same kind of profile.