Tuesday, August 09, 2005

the suspense isn't killing me

I've been disappointed by Big Brother this year too. It always starts with such potential, but never lives up to my expectations. They really need to do a Big Brother- The Director's Cut, with a director voting out the Housemates. That'd be much more interesting. Let's face it, teenage viewers with itchy SMS fingers might not be the best casting directors in the world.
The only storyline of interest to me this year was the Glenn & Michelle subplot. For the blissfully unaware, Glenn was publicly shamed for his treatment of Michelle in the House. It all went a little like this.*
Late evening; a sauna.
GLENN and GENEVA go to (ahem) 'third base'.
A few hours later; the living room.
GLENN and MICHELLE smooch on the floor.
MICHELLE: I've heard that you've been with Geneva tonight.
GLENN: I haven't been with Geneva!
MICHELLE: I don't care if you have anyway, because you're like my best, best friend in here!
They smooch.
Some days later. GLENN invites MICHELLE into the Rewards Room and they have sex.
MICHELLE is promptly evicted. At her eviction party:
MICHELLE: "Me and Glenn are just friends...with benefits *wink*".
GRETEL KILLEEN screens some of the day's footage.
BLOKE: Whatcha gunna do if Michelle goes tonight?
GLENN: I dunno. I should probably crack onto Kate, shouldn't I? Give it a week and then crack onto Kate, yeah.
GLENN is promptly evicted. At his eviction party, GRETEL KILLEEN invites MICHELLE up to give him a piece of her mind. GLENN cringes and squirms.
So Glenn might've erred in delivering the wonderfully Clintonesque, "I haven't been with Geneva!". But I believe Michelle gave him his get-out-of-jail-free card when she said she didn't even care if he had. Of course, women sometimes say these kinds of things and don't mean them. It's meant to sound lofty, carefree, secure. But it's a dangerous pretence, because a man like Glenn can always choose to interpret such comments at face value and rationalise to his mates and himself--and in this case, to Australia--"But she said she didn't care. I thought she knew it was just a bit of fun."
And it's interesting that Michelle continued the charade of 'not caring' when she sat on the eviction stage and said she and Glenn were "friends with benefits". That's a bit different to the image she ended up portraying of a woman scorned, of someone who really thought she and Glenn were an item and that their relationship would continue outside the House.
Well, that's my last post on BB as I stopped watching when there were only five people left and the group dynamic died and I had to put it out of its misery early.
Good timing too, as the baby's just woken and I'm off to start my second shift. (I can't believe the baby finally has a daytime nap and I blog about Big Brother. Good grief.)

(*from memory--and yes, i know that is sad).