Monday, July 25, 2005

fuck terrorism

The funniest thing happened about five minutes ago. I was in the bathroom; a girlfriend had just left, the baby was deigning to sleep after four straight days of no day sleep.
I was putting clothes in the washing machine when I heard a lot of laughing, right outside my backdoor. I investigated.
Four kookaburras were sitting on the neighbour's fence opposite my bathroom's backdoor, about five feet away. A few more were just settling in.
They were having a good laugh.
Normally you only ever see one kookaburra at a time; sitting on a phone line looking smug. (Well, I always feel they are smug, because to me the kookaburra is the king of the bush, so incredibly, ruggedly handsome and masculine in appearance, so big, so proud, so noble....Until he laughs. And then you always feel slightly insulted, as though he's laughing at you, in your feeble human silliness.)
So imagine.
I counted eight.
I looked through the screen door and laughed at them laughing at me.
Settled on the fence in a row, all eight of them.
I'd never seen so many kookaburras in one place.
I'd never heard so many kookaburras laughing at me.
And I laughed too.
Last week was probably the hardest week I've had in two years, and I'm laughing.
Life is fucking great, isn't it?