Sunday, June 19, 2005


We now cross live to our correspondent reporting directly from the front line--
crackle crackle--
Well, it's been a painful couple of weeks down here in the trenches. We have been in the wars, as they say. The troop is recovering from the following injuries sustained during episodes of fierce play: one black eye, one finger squished and almost severed in a door, and last night, one tooth straight through the lip. He's now confined to barracks and suffering from a head-cold on top of everything, but strangely enough, morale remains high.
This has been his completely freaked-out mother, also suffering a cold, reporting for she sells sanctuary...and now crawling back under the doona.
crackle crackle BLEEP
Hmmmmmmmmm, yes. Well, that's it from the newsroom for now. Coming up, brand-new episodes of Celibacy & the Country. Right after this break...