Monday, May 30, 2005

to die for

So with hindsight I can recognise how ridiculous I was in suggesting the Australian Government could've done more for Shapelle Corby at a diplomatic level. That was just an emotional reaction and was obviously misguided. I'm not to proud to admit when I'm wrong. During the hearing the Indonesians made it pretty clear they even thought the Howard letter about our airports and the alleged cocaine smugglers was an attempt at interference, so it's hard to see how the Government really could've done anything to help her. And I'm conscious now too of the fact that if I expect intervention for Corby, I have to expect it for every other citizen locked up overseas, found guilty and still proclaiming their innocence. Which seems far-fetched.
However...hearing John Howard say "I feel for Shapelle" is not what the public needs to hear right now. We need to hear, "Geez, we better take a closer look at our airport security systems. If baggage handlers are able to smuggle cocaine willy-nilly, maybe they might be able to get the odd bomb on, maybe we should be a bit more, I dunno, alert here."
Far out, our Rodent of Steel wins elections on national security. Let's see him take a bit more of an interest in this issue. I need some convincing.