Tuesday, May 10, 2005

smells like twentysomething spirit

Now that BB has replaced Home & Away in my affections as preferred soap to watch while I cook dinner, I should warn everyone that I'll probably blog about it from time to time. Not everyday though, I promise...
For those of us who have a genuine interest in social and personality psychology, and like to think BB is a big social experiment, it's shaping up to be a good season.
For starters. Confiscating everyone's toiletries on day one (replaced by a bare minimum of basics to share) is a master stroke. Almost every girl is a high maintenance chick! One has already been to the Diary Room pleading for her foundation. It's going to end in tears, you just know. But you know why they're doing this, don't you? Not just to stop people hiding behind artifice, but to give everyone's pheromones a chance to work without the interference of fragrance.
Another thing I find funny is how you see some of these "don't-hate-me-cos-I'm-beautiful" girls complaining how girls often don't tend to like them, and then you watch them in action and think, "baby, maybe that's why". They're falling over each other in attempts to secure the most alpha of males, and meanwhile ignoring the girls who aren't a threat to them, while being competitive and fake with the girls who are.
We humans so stupid sometimes.