Wednesday, April 27, 2005

littered with good intentions

It is a disgrace that Australians at Gallipoli this year left such a mess. The people who did so should be made to feel ashamed of themselves, and not have our Prime Minister condoning their behavior and excusing them. And what a stupid comment from Minister of Veterans Affairs, DeAnne Kelly:

Tourists had to walk several kilometres to get to Anzac Cove, and then to Lone Pine, making it difficult to carry much in or out, Ms Kelly said.

Well, they didn't seem to have any trouble carrying stuff in, did they? And after consuming their beer and food, they'd have had even less to carry out anyway, so there's just no excuse. Maybe DeAnne Kelly should've arranged for a few more bins and maybe some reminders to the crowd about basic civility.
No, it's entirely appropriate there should be public shaming of that kind of yobbo mentality.