Friday, April 15, 2005

having a barry

What a shocker of a week for the Howard Government. First, they can't avoid looking shabby and mean for their aggressive welfare reform which is designed to pick on (or should that be, pick off?) the weakest in society. Then, they reveal themselves to be barefaced liars on Medicare. And all the while, they're losing goodwill because of their lame diplomatic efforts on Shapelle Corby's behalf. (It's interesting to note that in the past 24 hours I've had 24 Googles to this site for Corby. To put this context, I got 15 or so a day for "Prince Harry pregnant" a while ago, and I get about 40 a day for having used the words "head job" recently (head job, head job, head job...'scuse me).
Anyway, I'm starting to feel that Howard's going to get his due come-uppance in the end. Any other blowouts we should know about, at this point? How much did that war of George's end up costing, eh?