Friday, April 22, 2005

being an idiot

I was obsessing over whether having a personal blog and writing about myself meant that I was terrifically vain and self-absorbed. Yeah, that's meant to be funny. But sometimes I look back on two and a half years of blogging and really feel embarrassed by the inherent narcissism.
I was talking vaguely about this to a blogger mate today and he said, "but who gives a fuck, really?" I realised he was right. Nobody really gives a fuck.
Not family or friends who might sometimes read it out of polite curiosity; nor ex-boyfriends or former colleagues or any other people I know who I might have told or who somehow found out about my blog over the years.
Certainly not the total strangers who read me--they're the ones least likely to give a fuck. Though ironically it's often those people who you actually write for.
"So, have you Googled me yet," I couldn't resist asking a friend a few weeks after I'd mentioned to him that I had some kind of website. He said he didn't know what Googling even was ("I'd like to Google you sweetheart, you know that, heh heh!") and I was kind of relieved.
Nobody gives a fuck. It's a liberating thought.